Siren Song, pencil on paper, 18×14 inches

Chorus, pencil on paper, 30×22 inches

Classical Trash, pencil on paper, 18×24 inches

Churn, pencil on paper, 22×22 inches

Interchange, pencil on paper, 15×19 inches

Gridlock, pencil on paper, 14×19 inches

Hard Sell, pencil on paper, 14×18 inches

Course of Empire, ink on paper, 30×22 inches

Shadowplay, pencil on paper, 32×22 inches

A New Religion, pencil & ink wash on paper, 22×16 inches

Fool’s Gold, colored pencil on paper, 40×32 inches

Imminent Gifts, charcoal on paper, 24×19 inches

Spectacle, pencil & ink wash on paper, 22×30 inches

Blowback, charcoal on paper, 23×32 inches

Leviathan, charcoal on paper, 27×53 inches

The Promised Land, pencil & ink wash on paper, 18×53 inches

Land of Plenty, pencil & ink wash on paper, 30×22 inches

Mounting Obstacles, charcoal on toned paper, 32×45 inches

Bastion, charcoal on paper, 19×24 inches

Divided, ink on paper, 18×24 inches