Critical Mass

Critical Mass, acrylic on canvas, 48×48 inches

Hollow Pursuits

Hollow Pursuits, acrylic on canvas, 54×54 inches

Sequester study

Sequester, oil on canvas, 24×18 inches

Compulsive Actions

Compulsive Actions, oil on canvas, 24×48 inches (part of larger 16 foot wide painting)

Black Swarm

Black Swarm, oil on canvas, 13×13 inches


Churn, oil on canvas, 32×32 inches

Fool's Paradise

Circuit, tempera on canvas, 49×49 inches

Study for Full Stop

Full Stop study, oil on canvas, 24×30 inches

Full Stop

Full Stop, oil on canvas, 82.5×83 inches


Hive, acrylic on canvas, 54×36 inches

Epic Journey

Epic Journey, gouache on paper, 34×42 inches

Theirs & Ours (Divided)

Theirs and Ours (Divided), ink on paper, 18×24 inches

False Hope 3

False Hope, oil on canvas, 12×16 inches

Nest (Bunker)

Nest, acrylic on canvas, 36×48 inches


Heap, oil on paper, 18×24 inches