Through That Which is Seen

June 7th, 2012 / No Comments »

If you live in the Bay Area stop by Root Division Gallery.  I am participating in a group show entitled Through That Which is Seen which explores the diorama in contemporary art.

I will be exhibiting a piece I call “Journey of a Boy.”  The show runs through June 23rd.

“Journey of a Boy”

A child’s wooden school desk becomes a stage upon which a boy’s life is revealed.  Sitting on top of the desk, where an inkwell once stood, is a glass-domed vessel containing a small figurine of a young man wearing a graduation gown.  A light emanating from beneath the lid of the desk illuminates the figurine.  By peering beneath the partially raised lid of the desk, the viewer is able to glimpse a whimsical prehistoric landscape populated with toy dinosaurs.

Within the desk are the daydreams of yesterday’s play-filled childhood, while on top of the desk, in front of the seated student, lies a crystal ball or beacon, guiding the boy to his future destination as a young man.

This piece was created entirely from materials found during my art residency at the San Francisco city dump.

detail view
detail view

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