The Mysterious Workings of the Art World

August 14th, 2012 / No Comments »

“Dear Artist, I regret to inform you that our juror did not select your work for our exhibit.”  

No doubt every artist early in their career encounters multiple rejections like this before something clicks, the planets hopefully align, and their career begins to take off.  It would be nice if having ones artwork recognized and accepted by the hallowed “Art World” resulted from artistic skill, and not from simply being a good huckster with self-promotion. But alas, this isn’t the case.  The art world is a fickle place, indeed.  I’ve seen plenty of situations where artists I found rather lacking in technical ability obtained significant exposure. This can only be explained as having resulted from parameters having nothing to do with art making.

I recently came upon an article online listing the “50 Next Most Collectible Artists“.  I’m not implying that these artists aren’t worthy of their acclaim.  (I’m actually a fan of the work by a number of them).  But as an artist who continues to try to make sense of how how this whole game is played, I found the article to be an interesting peek at the rarefied level of Art World that artists like myself can only dream of reaching.

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