Reassessing an Idea

April 23rd, 2012 / No Comments »

A few months ago I began a 5’x4′ painting which shows a vast mining pit bristling with cranes and machinery feverishly digging into the earth.   After a few weeks of work, however, I began to realize the complexity of the composition I had in mind.  I recognized my need for a bit more planning.  Therefore I began to work on a large preparatory drawing (shown above) to refine my concept.   Normally if I create a study for a painting, it tends to be rather loose.  However in this instance, I found it necessary to be a bit more specific.  By creating the study I came to realize that my final painting would need to be executed much larger than I had previously thought, possibly over 10 feet in size.

detail of lower right

The prospect of undertaking such a large work is rather daunting to me at this time as I imagine it will take quite a long time to execute. It’s not that I don’t feel this to be a worthwhile project to attempt, it’s simply that I presently have so many ideas for new paintings that I am reluctant to become bogged down working on a single painting which may take years to complete.

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